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Born to be great!

Welcome to the world of iRiE KiDZ®. We are a children’s lifestyle brand that’s inspired by children, Jamaica,  and our motto ‘Born to be Great’.   

The iRiE KiDZ® label includes casualwear, accessories, books and toys with a Caribbean flavour.  We also have an annual iRiE KiDZ Model Search, which gives budding models the opportunity to shine.

Born in Jamaica we have our roots firmly planted in the Caribbean. Our brand is cool, great and Jamaican.

Not only can you find us online but you can locate us in Kingston, Jamaica.

iRiE KiDZ® and iRiE KiDS® are registered trademarks – 2004 – 2022. 

The company trades under the name iRiE KiDZ® 

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